My expertise can also be brought to your business’s information systems through a partnership with a certified IT specialist. Recognizing that incorporating software solutions can mean more accurate and efficient management of your finances, we offer assistance for all popular business programs, including QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree and others. Our services include:

  • Software installation and set-up
  • Training and assistance for management and staff
  • Customized IT solutions

We know how to get your system up and running so you can get down to business. We begin with full installation and set-up, and continue through training so you get the most out of your software package. Whether you’re already familiar with the program or are being introduced to it for the first time, we can help you understand how the solution works best for you — and turn that program into the useful tool it was always intended to be.

We can also customize software packages to fit more smoothly into your accounting requirements. A custom program designed for your business is often the most effective way of using software technology to your benefit.

Whether you’re looking to make your existing systems more effective and efficient, or introduce new IT solutions to your business’s financial operations, we can help. Let us know and we’ll be happy to meet with you to review your existing system to find out what will work best for you. Call 802 362-9000 or fill out our online appointment form.