Planning For Success

As with most roads toward success, planning is essential, and these dates will help you do that. They’re valid for any given year, except when they fall on a Federal holiday or weekend. Then the date is the next business day.
January 15
Final installment of the previous year’s estimated tax payments due.
February 15
Last day to file a new W-4 to continue tax exemption status from the previous tax year.
February 28
All businesses-file form 1099 for certain payments made during previous year.
March 15
Calendar year-end corporate tax returns are due.
April 15
Income tax returns are due. Last day to make qualified IRA contributions for the previous year. First installment of your estimated tax payments due.
June 15
Last day to file your income tax return if you are living and working (or on military duty) outside the United States and Puerto Rico. Second installment of your estimated tax payments is due
August 15
Due date to file for April 15 and June 15 extensions.
September 15
Third installment of your estimated tax payments is due.
December 31
Last day to establish a Keogh plan in order to deduct a Keogh plan contribution on your tax return.